Professional singer, Asperity was dragged into music since early life. When at the age of five Rita (her real name is Rita) was asked who she wanted to become, her answer was 'a singer'. It wasn't a childish dream which was usually being left behind as time went by. In a year, future singer went to music school. Since the age of 13, she studied singing under experienced vocalist.

2003 was a sign year for Rita. At the age of 16, she became a professional singer started to perform on various concert venues in Moscow. Lasting almost ten years, one day she accidentally met producer Chris Slanton. When he heard her concert records, he decided to make her an offer to work with him.
Here is how the song 'Let Me Hold You Tight' was born. Rita’s stage name was also invented by Chris.
In the beginning of 2014, one more record was created together with Asperity. It's the VLCAM song, where Asperity is the lead vocalist.

The singer got signed to label Life Cycle Ltd., where management pins hopes on her. The release 'Let Me Hold You Tight' is scheduled for the first half of 2014.

At present, Asperity keeps performing in various clubs improving her skills.